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    "Flamboyant", "Obnoxious", "Creative", "Engaging" "Charming" "Arrogant"....these are all words I've heard that describe me:xf.grin: It's funny how you can come across as charming to some and arrogant to others...that's life.

    Having started, bought, merged with and partnered with over 20 businesses in my lifetime, "names" come naturally to me. Just the fact that I'm bold enough to share this is a sign of arrogance to some, but I've been told others appreciate it.

    Besides using Google as one of my best friends, the following list of 277 action words created by Bob Angus has been very helpful. I'd recommend printing it out and keeping a copy of it close by...note, you only need to print six pages instead of the entire site. Enjoy!

    Bulloney:xf.frown: (isn't on the list)
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