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I ventured into domaining and picked up seven domains, but now I'm considering other methods to learn.
After finishing the buyer rush, I know I could have passed some.

Any thoughts on:
Especially regretting the one about underwear.

Also, I've already listed some on GoDaddy auctions for learning purposes, though I'm open to better strategies. Thoughts?

Thanks, wishing you the best,
Maria ๐Ÿ˜Ž
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They are not bad. You are right, 'underwear used' is not great as the words are the wrong way round. This is only a good idea if you are developing the site and you know that this is a highly searched keyphrase (which its not in itself, but longtail with the phrase 'underwear used sell' is 60k, so it would have potential). It is a big industry, so, you never know.

I am not a successful domainer, so not the best to give advice or judgement, but here are my thoughts on the rest:

  • - word order is wrong. Proper english would be online visa guide (which is already taken). Visa online guide also doesnt have a high search volume. 3 words is also long, 2 would be better.
  • - There might be a decent end user for this as daily vitamin and daily vitamin subscription packs are a thing, but again, its pretty long as 3 words.
  • - The usual phrase is to 'stay sober', because its alliteration. It would be hard to go against what is stuck in peoples mind
  • - no idea about an end user for this.
  • - I am quite sure google has been cutting down on review style affiliate sites, which is all this domain is good for.
  • - I quite like this domain. Its long at 3 words, but I could envisage quite a good site on it. Ultimatevegan .com is for sale for about 3.5k, so this might be a cheaper alternative for someone. Having said all that, I would think the market for it would be a blogger and so they probably wouldnt want to spend much on a domain.
Hope thats helpful and good luck trying to sell them.
Hola Sjpals,

I appreciate your thoughtful answer.

I will keep posted here if I have success with my first domains.

Have a wodnerful Thursday.
$25 to $110 each = Reseller Value Speculation (NOT an end user speculation)
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