Does Your Geographical Location Affects Domain Sales

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    Hi there,

    I was wondering if geographical location affects domain sales. I pitched a domain name to a lot of end users in that particular city in the US and got "I am interested" response from a prospective buyer who went silent for few days. I emailed him asking if he is still interested which he replied yes to. Next question he asked was" Where are you located". I answered Nigeria and the prospective buyer has not replied since then.
    Also, in the past, I have been asked to show proof of ownership.

    Does living in a particular country especially African countries create trust issues between buyer and seller and ultimately affecting sales?

    Answers and opinions are appreciated.

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  2. SpareDomains

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    Since it's not an item where they need to come and pick it up from your house doesn't matter.
    With that said if you live in a place that is well known for scams then yes could be trust issues.

    Can eliminate that by describing that you use a "licensed" third party escrow service to process all transactions when ya shoot back the price to them so they know a third party in the middle of the transaction or that you don't get paid until the buyer confirms receipt of the domain then it doesn't really matter where ya live unless it's a bundle deal where your selling your couch with the domain and they need to come and pick up the couch. :ROFL:

    Describe how the escrow service works and toss a link to the escrow service to instill confidence that they won't get screwed...

    I've had to do this once in 14 years of selling domains but I'm in Chicago so I would definitely rate that lower internet fraud risk than Nigeria. Gun violence maybe not. :ROFL:

    Thanks for your offer (buyer name here). Our buy it now price is ($your price here). All transactions are processed through a licensed escrow service which ensures secure transactions for domain name buyer and seller.

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  3. bene

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    it some times affect a sale; but using the above suggestion is better; or if you trust the buyer you can tell them the domain can be transfered before payment also try to create a good relationship with your buyer and if they have any question answer in detail also don"t be in a hurry to talk about about money except you are ask and always tell them you can use an escrow service like (any other escrow service) for the protection of both parties...
    Also after a successful sale always pitch to the buyer that you are a Nigerian that way it will help in bringing back trust/ good reputation....just few bad eggs is destroying the country reputation. @all, Nigerians are hard working people filled with trusted and good people, the richest man in african is a nigerian. we make positive impact. just few bad eggs is spoiling our reputation
    I am a Nigerian and i have been actively in domain for 3-4yrs now.

    I am proud and thanking God for making me a Nigerian
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  4. Kuffy

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    I'm in the UK, and it affects payments. Hopefully when we get away from the Keiser Reich we can free up our banking restrictions. I have a dollar account with Citibank, but because I am in the UK, there are all sorts of restrictions on receiving payments. In fact the easiest method is to accept a cheque, and this is the 21st century. I hoped that Bitcoin would improve things, but domainers seem reluctant to use it. I've signed up with Payoneer, and I hope that will provide the answer for lower value sales.

    With regard to the OP. Nigeria has received so much publicity over various frauds and scams, that I suspect that puts off a lot of people. I think that the only way I would buy a name from a Nigerian is via the Name Silo immediate transfer system. Apologies for saying this, but there really has been so much publicity about various Nigerian frauds that I feel there needs to be a guaranteed transfer if I was to make a purchase.
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    Very true...

    As for Nigeria country, such (I think rare) buyers who are asking may have difficulties even doing the transaction through escrow, since they may well ask themselves "how do I know that the domain (from Nigeria) itself has a good history, was never stolen etc etc" even if they would not be required to wire funds to Nigeria. How can an honest Nigeria-based entrepreneur do business online in these days? Honestly, I do not know. Must be very hard :( ... What I do know is that Nigeria is a beautiful country (at least as per the photos I saw in the net), a lot of good people are living in Nigeria and I would be happy to visit this country someday, and, since Nigeria has the largest Muslim population in Africa (50%+?) it should be reasonably safe due to the highest moral and ethical standards in Islam...
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  6. Pierre Barnard

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    Unfortunately, the multitude of scammers in Nigeria has given it a bad rep. But honestly, selling a domain name should make no difference if handled through escrow.

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