Do you increase your price when buyer stays silent?

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    So I received an $xxx offer for one of my domains at Afternic. I countered with low $x,xxx and then a few hours later clicked on the status of the negotiations in my Afternic account.

    I was a bit perplexed by what Afternic wrote in the status message. Something I hadn't noticed before:

    "Your Counter Offer is Waiting for a Response
    It looks like the prospective buyer of has not responded to your counter offer of $x,xxx. You may want to increase your counter offer to prompt a response from the buyer."

    Normally, if a buyer doesn't reply to your counter-offer, it would be natural to make a lower counter-offer. But Afternic seems to encourage you to increase the price.

    I guess the reasoning is that if you increase the price further, buyer will feel that the chance to get the domain as a reasonable price is slipping away little by little?

    Has anyone got experience with increasing the price when buyer doesn't respond to your initial counter-offer? It is quite an interesting strategy I think.
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  2. ultradog

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    That must be a glitch. No one should lose a discounted offer within a few hours.

    But raising the price when a buyer is stringing you along for a long time is certainly a valid thing to do. A sale price can't really be expected to hold forever.
  3. Avijit Roy

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    Thats an interesting strategy... Let me try this in my future negotiations.

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