Do End Users Lie?

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  1. iTerminal

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    21 claiming that the domain they would like to purchase is for a "blog"?

    In March I gave someone a break on the price of a domain because he said it was for a "personal blog". He now seems to be using the domain for an app.

    What is more, on Friday I received a $700 offer from a "regular person" who says he wants to set up a tech-related blog on another domain I own - but I have reason to believe he is acting on behalf of a corporation which first contacted me during the summer. I guess it's possible that the corporation's web site will include a blog, but the buyer's statement was obtuse at best.

    I would be wary of buyers who claim they would like to purchase your domain for a blog, while at the same time making an offer which is relatively substantial ($500 or more). After all, few among us would spend that kind of coin on a blog.
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  2. Asfas1000

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    I agree with your reasoning 100%.
  3. JB Lions

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    Of course they lie, it's part of the negotiation process for many. If somebody tells me they're a student, I quote a higher price than I usually would.
  4. comati

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  5. WatchDogue

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    IMO yes, some lie and likely do so to " bring a price down " .

    Also believe some lie to " fish " for information re marketplace, traffic, pricing etc., for their use re their own sites or domain names.
  6. SlimPickins

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    yeah i have had a few of the "blog" domain requests recently, but they seemed more like veiled inquiries from resellers/investors looking to buy higher quality 4L on the cheap.

    My worst "lying" scenario was a few years ago when a guy reached out with a generic email wanting to buy a 4L of mine for his new Church. we chatted for a bit about it and i myself am often too much of a chump for non-profits organizations and churches (of any faith) and even small mom & pop businesses.... so although I had a feeling this guy wasn't really buying it for a church I gave him the benefit of the doubt and gave a nice price on it..... was still more than i could get for it from another reseller but no lottery win by any means. After we agreed and he sent payment from the business email i could see why they wanted it.... could have paid more for it for sure but, considering that they apparently only bought it as a alternative and defensive reg rather than a complete rebrand, they probably wouldn't have gone up all that much anyways even if i had played hardball and called their bluff. So goes it.... I can certainly understand businesses getting careful about revealing themselves and potentially driving the price up, and making up some sort of "story" they need the domain for, but it is his karma claiming to buy for a "church" when it wasn't true, not mine.
  7. Kate

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    You don't ask for their student card ? :-,
  8. VIP

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    That's like asking "Do people lie?" Of course they do.
  9. Ategy

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    Thank you for giving me an excuse to post this ... ;)

  10. todaygold

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    I fail to see why you would change the price because of some sob story. If I'm selling my house and an elderly couple wants to buy, that's all well and good, but I'm not going to knock the price down just because they're older. Same thing with a domain's worth what it's worth. You want to use it for a blog? Great, but my price is my price. I have a number in my head for any domain and I don't go below it, regardless of their story. But maybe that's just me.
  11. Candace

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    If you use Efty, or any landing page that gives you IP information, you can potentially spot a lie by checking location.

    I had a $50 offer two days ago from someone claiming they wanted my domain for a blog. They stated that if I wanted more than $50 they would just buy an alternative domain on GD.

    I checked the IP location - It's the same location of the previous owner of the domain; the person/company who let it drop.. So, it's either the previous owner wants the domain back on the cheap (which I think is what's going on here), or someone in the same proximity wants the domain.

    Either way, my reply was:

    Great, go get that $50 domain on GD


    I probably should have been more diplomatic, but I really don't favor the whole, "I'll just get another domain" line. I probably need to just take my emotions out of it tbh

    Anyway, lying is a big part of negotiating for many people. Remember that point every time you get an offer. However, still be reasonable enough to know if you're getting a good deal whether the person is lying or not.
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  12. equity78

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    In my opinion, unless something is for a charity, and you have verified that it's the rightful charity, many might want to give a discount, that's out of kindess or a moral obligation, etc...

    A person or company buying a name and their reason for buying it, shouldn't enter into the equation of domain pricing. You should know what you own and why you own it. You should have at the very least an expected range on pricing. You may discount that due to something going on with your personal life or your finances. Some other for profit's finances should not come into play.
  13. Blueforever

    Blueforever Established Member

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    Yep, some end users lie, if a multimillion dollar company came and told you their full project of building something big, would you accept a low ball offer?
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  14. bluebox

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    In general in life I always assume every person is a lying, selfish asshole with a hidden agenda.
    That way I never feel "cheated" and can often be pleasantly surprised.
  15. frank-germany

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    as a rule of thumb:

    end users are the most honest people on the planet
    they would never lie.

    for what?
    just to get the price down?
  16. MasterOfMyDomains

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    A guy bought a couple drone names for his kids school project. They were parked at sedo right away, he's been there a while, and what he is asking, so will they.
    People lie
  17. Kingslayer

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    I've tried to buy names and get "sorry we've turned down a $25,000 offer already" e-mail again a few days later from a different e-mail address and get a "we turned down a $18,000 offer a few days ago".

    I tried to buy one last week, that it just sitting there as a Tumblr blog that's not been updated in months and get "I'm not a domainer, this is for a project, if i sell i have to buy something else so won't sell for less than $18,000"

    Then I'm telling bull crap also, making out i want to use it for a news site and how x amount is my last offer, when it really isn't, i still got some more in me, then when they still don't like my latest offer, they start trying to flog me some other crap domain instead that i wouldn't even handreg (even though they aren't a domainer :xf.rolleyes:).

    All negotiation is bullshit until you agree on the price.
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  18. biggie

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    Do End Users Lie?

    of course they do.


    i think domainers tell more lies.

  19. - me -

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    In total agreement.

    And the more information they disclose, the less I tend to believe them.

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