advice Do Domain Extensions Impact SEO? Here’s What We Know

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Their algorithms focus on other aspects, such as quality content, relevant keywords, user experience, and backlinks. Google’s primary goal is to provide users with the most relevant and useful search results, regardless of a website’s extension.
ccTLDs are often used by businesses or websites that target specific geographical regions. They can influence local SEO by indicating the website’s relevance to a particular country or region.
extensions such as .technology, .blog, .store, etc. While gTLDs offer more flexibility and creativity in domain name choices, their impact on SEO must be improved. Google treats gTLDs similar to traditional domain extensions, focusing primarily on content and relevance.
extensions such as the .io have been used by leading startups across the globe, who often post high-quality content, so by mere association alone such extensions can add value, often in the form of high CTRs, or better perceptions.,,
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I think it is not an issue in these days because now SEO is all about useful contents and relevant links
People don't buy .com to climb the SERP, they buy the .com because it's the professional standard.

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