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Been combing the beginner threads, but haven't seen anything stickied - is there a guide, or does anyone have any tips, for developing domains? I suppose starting point would be what a clear definition of development actually means. I would proffer that the definition would be how to strategize content development and what are the most cost effective hosting solutions to deliver said content for the purposes or goal of driving traffic to a domain.

Thanks in advance.
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I am in moving along the same lines this coming 2020. Time to develop some of the choice domains I have instead of just focused on selling.

I think Wordpress is the best bet. It powers practically everything online.

The key, as I've said to others here, is to just focus on ONE domain and learn to "Wordpress" it well. Get it all polished and shiny.

Then just take the skills you learned from that initial effort and replicate it across subsequent domains.

Good luck.
Content, Content, Content!!!

Other than that - get yourself some NameCheap or SiteGround Hosting (or others, just make sure they have free Softalishious(sp?)). That will get you all the free WP+themes, Joomla, Presta, + a ton of others, crms, gallerys, etc. that are all plug and play and easy to use.

Coming up with content, good content, original content, content that is Google & SEO friendly, &&& Lots of it to start ( i think 6ish 1000 + word posts before adsense would even look at it).