Damaging your brand!

Located in Reviews, started by MapleDots, Oct 23, 2020


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    My hope is that restitution will be made to all that ask.
    He says he wants to payback what he owes, there is a post showing that the first person has been paid what is owed.

    In no way would I belittle the people that have suffered or lost money, on the contrary if he says he wants to pay them back lets give him that opportunity. To tell him to get lost is not the best approach to achieve this. Instead we should get behind the idea of payback and encourage it.

    Calling the man an asshole and coming down on him like a ton of bricks might be indicated but it will not solve the issue at hand.

    Let him do what he says he wants, he said he wants to pay people back, if we all start calling him an asshole then it will scare him off and he will say the hell with it. Instead we should carefully approach the subject and ask him to continue with the task at hand until all monies are paid.
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    On the contrary, being a Canadian myself I can say this is not typical behaviour for business men in Canada and I am hoping for a best case scenario where everyone gets paid. I think it's a black mark on domaining that has to be fixed, therefore I don't want to spook him away, I want him to pay his debts.

    Konstantinos and everyone else need to allow him to do that, not his sake but for the sake of the people who have been hurt.
    So opening posts calling him names will only end with him logging out and washing his hands of it.

    As a community we need to take him to task and allow him to make restitution.

    Konstantinos post does nothing but put repayment at risk and I'm actually quite sorry that nobody sees that.
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    YOU creating a separate thread to express how someone hurt your online feeling does the same if not more damage.
    When you could have sent a private message or reported his post. But... you didn't, stealing focus away from actual victims.
    Close this thread @MapleDots
    Don't do it for me or you... Do it for the victims.
    Last time I'm going to ask.

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