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  1. kriss05

    kriss05 Top Contributor VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    For some time we have new marketplace,

    Recently I was pleased with my experience of selling on Daaz: it took just 19 minutes from the start of the transaction till the payout. It is no surprise now to receive payment same day, but 19 minutes is something new. Of course, this is also a fortunate case when the buyer was quick at accepting domain push.

    It was BIN sale, Daaz commission fee was 8% - nice!
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  2. willtord

    willtord Established Member

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    Very nice @kriss05, congrats on the sale! Had some great experiences with DaaZ since joining too. 5 sales so far, all paid out in less than 24 hours. Looking forward to all the improvements they are planning to roll out over the next year. 🙂
  3. Doc

    Doc Established Member

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    9 is a great platform for sales, especially .in. Have had 2 sales there, plenty of inquiries and received personalized support in closing. Payout - same or next day - under 24 hours!! That's way better than many legacy auction platforms. Keep up the good work Daaz
  4. Truekumar

    Truekumar Established Member ★★★★★★★★★★

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    453 is a brilliant platform when it comes to generating sales of .in names. I just recently closed on the sale of a and the whole process was just so smooth and simple.

    I have already had 4 sales since joining the platform and I am sure there will be many more to come. Payout on sales is extremely quick and the personal service including rapid responses to any queries is also a great aspect of the platform. Looking forward to making more sales on! Keep up the good work guys!
  5. Kokoro

    Kokoro Established Member ★★★★★★★★★★

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    I have completed 5 domain sales through Daaz so far and I'm impressed by their support and speed. They are very responsive and besides regular email and chat communication, may also use WhatsApp to update you faster or call the buyer to clear any doubts. My last transaction were completed within a few hours (starting from accepting the terms by the buyer to the payment sending to my account).

    Including TransferWise as one of their disbursement methods is a very nice option for those who prefer wire transfers. I received USD on the next day and EUR on the same day which is pretty fast for wires (but the time may depend on your bank).

    This is a new platform and there is still a number of things they can implement or improve, but overall it's a nice new option for selling your domains securely. Their fees are also very competing.
  6. Vatsal Patel

    Vatsal Patel Established Member

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    I have been in domaining since 3 years. Before i sold 3 domains in 2.5 years. I moved all my domains to before 3 months. I have closed 5 sales so far.. and all the time the sales are completed quickly and payment received with in minutes of domain transfer completed. Pretty impressed at the speed these guys are paying to the sellers, definitely top notch.. Will recommend new and old domainers to try at first place.

    Talking about last sale i got the mail today morning about the domain sold and in 4-5 hours payment is in my account.

    All thanks to Daaz Team.
  7. Votumejero

    Votumejero Established Member

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    Awesome, I opened an account and listed my domains two days ago... My user experience was sweet, their chat support is super awesome. I hope to report sales too. Keep it up guys.
  8. davidc1

    davidc1 Established Member ★★★★★★★★★★

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    nice support
    fast interface
    I hope they'll have an api soon.
  9. synecdoche

    synecdoche Upgraded Member Gold Account

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    Thanks for the update Vatsal. Are these mainly .in extension or other TLDs as well?
  10. Vatsal Patel

    Vatsal Patel Established Member

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  11. CK_Yau

    CK_Yau Established Member

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    Good to hear. 8% looks very good. I am tempted to try.
    Just a question though - Is Seller/Buyer information remains unknown to each other? (like Sedo - at most you only know where he is from and year of experience)
  12. joemaxpayne

    joemaxpayne Established Member

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    every domain there has 0 bid, u guys sure?
  13. DaaZ

    DaaZ CRM manager @ ICA Member Gold Account

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    Most of the domains sold on the platform through BIN or Make an offer.

    Auctions are yet to be proven in terms of selling. Most of the people who like to buy in auctions are domain investors. It's a good opportunity for those building portfolio to start acquiring some names at reasonable prices.

    In terms of Make an offer and BIn sales they are mostly from end users focused sales than re-seller based sales.

    Hope that clarifies. Feel free to send us a DM for any further info or feel free to chat with our friendly live chat agents on the site. We are here and there to help you.

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