IT.COM - Service for accepting payments in USDT TRC-20 on your project directly to your wallet



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CryptoScan - Service for accepting payments in USDT TRC-20 on your project directly to your wallet

Why is it profitable to work with CryptoScan?

  • All transfers from your clients go directly to YOUR wallet
  • Commission up to 1% only for successful payments
  • No hidden commissions
  • We do not require KYC and accept projects of any topic
  • Increased security - all funds are immediately under your control.

How to pay the commission?
The commission is deducted from the balance of our service automatically after each successful transaction.

Learn more about CryptoScan:


We provide our own widget. You can customize it - specify the name and description of your service, upload a logo. If the standard widget is not suitable for you, you can create a custom widget using API.

Easy integration
You can integrate CryptoScan into your service using API, or use a ready-made HTTP-client. If you have any questions, write to support.

Telegram bot
Our Telegram bot allows you to connect 2FA-authentication and receive authorization codes when logging into your CryptoScan account. Additionally, you can receive notifications in Telegram when your balance decreases on the service.

Currency conversion
We update currency exchange rates against USD several times a day. If another currency is used on your service, you don't need to make a currency converter.

Payment link
You can create a merchant, specify a link to the project and add your USDT wallet. After that you will be able to create a payment link. Send it to your clients and get paid even without integration.

Payment tracking
Your client sends a payment to your wallet. As soon as the transaction appears in the blockchain network, we receive information about it and transmit it to your service.

You can get customized terms on Telegram: @cryptoscanone

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