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    Since Monday one of my domains in my Afternic account has shown pending sale status. I have received no notification at all from Afternic to say where the sale is coming from and they don't know either.

    I've contacted them a few times asking for them to remove the status or at least release the funds. All they keep saying is you will have to wait for 24-48 hours because maybe someone has added it to there cart and not purchased it yet.

    I have also has a good offer for the same domain name on Sedo.

    Has anyone else experienced this?
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  2. pokainc

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    This happens often.

    - Domain goes into pending when any random person adds it in their cart without purchasing. Typically it lasts 8-10 days before it's restored (you NEVER get a notification).

    - Also if the domain is at Godaddy, they will remove it from your account and put it in a holding account at Godaddy WITHOUT notifying you , hence you dont have access to the domain.
    If domain is at Godaddy, when it's restored over at Afternic , make sure the domain is back in your Godaddy account and in active status.

    Not much you can do, unless if you agree on a deal through SEDO (most probably it's the same person) then notify Afternic to try to cancel the pending over at Afternic as the name is already sold. They probably are trying to see on which venue they can get a cheaper price.
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  3. DomainBarracksRob

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    I just checked this with a current pending sale I have and your are absolutely correct, they do remove the name from you account WITHOUT notifying you. That just seems like a odd way to go about it. A simple email notification from GD would not hurt.

    I mean what if you went to do something with the name and wasn't aware of the pending sale, then that would cause all sorts of stress waste of time for support and seller until you find out.Anyway

    Good Luck on all our future pending sales!
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  4. pokainc

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    100% , but also IF your pending sale doesn't go through (i hope it does) , double check in the next few days after that to make sure they put the name back in your account... sometimes it doesn't automatically go back..

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