Could you Earn Money from Expired Domains

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    I've always been intrigued by the idea of buying an expired domain and building it by strategically redirecting old URLs to new ones.

    However, here were my limitations and problems:

    Interaction with people is, in general, something difficult for me.

    Building backlinks by reaching out to people takes a long time.

    So finally, in October 2019, I started looking for expired domains to build. This is how I did it. I had several quality checks before buying a domain. Here is my list: The history must be clean, which means that no other website must have been created between the time the expired domain went down and I bought it.

    • I had a budget of $3000 for the domain.
    • It had to be a memorable domain
    • You must have links from websites from which it is not possible (or very difficult) to get links otherwise
    • Low referrer domain count
    • Open to niche or generic domains (in my experience, e-commerce domains are best for affiliate websites)
    • URLs (preferably) should be clean enough to redirect without going crazy.
    • DA35 +, DR 40+, DP> 400, TF> 21, CF> 21, spam links <2%
    • I found the perfect domain using:
    • Estibot to monitor drops and daily statistics
    • Ahrefs to check backlinks and traffic history
    • Moz for spam score and domain authority
    • Majestic for checking the current domain metrics of the domain deleted daily from
    • for domain history
    • The above continued for two months until I reached Gold.

    Starting in the last week of November 2019, I started posting a few articles. After reading a lot and talking to many people who had experience with expired domains, it was clear that I needed to produce content consistently and at scale. I used WordPress, SEOPress, a fast and beautiful paid theme, and prosper-leads. I used Content to optimize articles before publishing and made sure to include and answer all questions, and to beat quantitative metrics for each suggested keyword.

    Had the 404 redirect plugin monitor, to redirect when content is in place. I sorted "Best by links" in ahrefs and started creating content at the top of the batch. After posting, it would redirect from the top of the list to relevant content. As this was an old e-commerce website, I redirected categories to categories and strategically redirected product pages to "Best X under X" articles.

    Starting in January 2020, I made it a point to post content on a daily basis. We did this for at least four months. Hardly any glitches, then we switched to weekly posts. Meanwhile, this happened after the publication of each article:

    web 2.0


    He had completed almost 12 guest posts on mediocre websites. Now there was enough content, and he had stopped publishing, improving, and interconnecting old content that would benefit SEO. I plan to sell it on Empire Flippers After hitting $ 2000 in profit, monthly mark (expect to get there in January. I have found that, in general, websites are selling for between 34x and 48x of their monthly profit. That's 68k to 96k waiting for this new year!

    Or maybe I'll keep growing, who knows: D

    Gustavo Woltmann
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    Great research methods and work ethic!
  3. Devanos

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    Good job and continuous improvement after diligent research.

  4. tupungato

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    Great story.
    Did you write content yourself, or outsource it?
    What was your typical article size?
    What is your main method of monetization? Adsense, affiliates, other network?
    Can you estimate how many hours you sunk into the project?
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    good job and keep up the good work. all the best wishes to you
  6. Gustavo-Woltmann

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    I am not a writer. I just write on NamePros to help people to grow their business. I provide some solutions to help others to fix issues in their business. I'm not using any advertising networks to monetize my content.
    In a nutshell, I am not a big writer.
    Gustavo Woltmann.
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    Thanks for your appreciation! Good Luck from Gustavo Woltmann.
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    thanks for the insight.if the domain had a redirect to another site in the archive history does it affect, do we still get the backlink benefits...
  9. lock

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    If you already have a paid per click affiliate program and have a use for the traffic go for it but many will renew backlinks that you could gain within minutes eg: you will likely buy names you never would have registered without the backlinks. It will get to a point where you will have an aged domain because you renew it but it may rely entirely on marketing as the name itself as no other merits. Do not believe any data without cross checking it i see fake Alexa and unrelated to niche da data everywhere and backlinks from same url etc.
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    Sweet. I share the same sentiments as the others, good job man
  11. Gustavo-Woltmann

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    Thanks for your appreciation!

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