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so as we are waiting, that the metaverse hype gets traction this fall/winter again,
I had to look at the crypto prices / NFT prices from fall last year,
and the correlation is quite evident - when it comes to crypto:

High prices last fall, high mv/vr project hype:


However, when it comes to NFTs, examplary Bored Ape Yacht Club, this looks quite different:

These NFTs had their peek in May this year, and had a small rebound, but still reasonable higher than last fall.

So, anticipating the general economical situation,
a) high energy prices,
b) inflation / recession
c) war - uncertainties

I think that we can actually hope, that after a period of less transactions,
we might see a new crypto outbreak within the next 3-6 months, maybe earlier.

NFT prices however show us, that we have a general optimistic movement in the background.

I bet, that inflation in real money (fiat money) actually puts pressure on many consumers, to park their money in alternative assets.
Like stocks, commodities, other assets.

This could give cryptos a faster come-back than imagined.

In addition to that, we will see some new VR headsets this fall/winter.
Especially the first headset from Apple.

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