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Hey everyone. Please let me know what you think of this domain Comedy.tips

A general term that can be used for many different ideas. Generic single word. It's catchy and short.

Estibot valued Comedy.tips at $2400 USD

Related Sales: stockmarket.tips Afternic $2,075 USD 2014-03-02

Search Overview: Avg Search Results (keyword):35,600 Avg Search Results (sld):100,000,000

Type-in Score: Overture (sld):94,136

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Any comment would be greatly appreciated. I am new to these new extensions
seems like they are posting some big numbers in the .tips so this can be a good bet, any one word domain has a 5 grand potential ,so if someone wanted to write a book on how to be a great comedian godaddy may spit this out as a premium domain ,and pretty much the domain would be spot on. I say you can get 200-300 for it in the near future, or you can wait it out for someone who thinks its a great fit,the reason why a lot of new extensions do sell is because end users go in with the idea of getting a two word domain with the .dotcom So one day someone will be looking for comedytips.com and comedy.tips will pop up.and you got a sale.
horseracing .tips , sportsbetting. tips, tipsstockmarket .tips - value domains.
comedy .tips - its worth reg fee
Welcome to NP

Sorry, no value in this name

Stay away from these new new untested extensions when new to the domain game
People may think that a name is worth reg fee because anyone could have registered it yesterday ,but I once bought a .mobi ,that was preowned but available for a year. I sold it for $1200 right away. So yes its a crap shoot, but again everything it llll.com shot up to 150 a few years ago when it sold out I sold four for 140 a week later they were back to 40 bucks.
.tips is a great TLD, but comedy .tips it just doesn't makes sense.
To me:

You cant compare this domain to the other comedy names mention.

Which brings us to the tips list. The problem here is something like 'horse racing tips' is massive. Comedy tips is not. So it really doesn't compare with 'top' tip sales.

"Comedy tips" do make sense, like how to set up a punchline, how long to wait, how to handle hecklers, etc. But the need of this particular domain to developed is very low.
So if I was to set a Buy it now for $80 for Comedy.tips hypothetically would anyone here purchase it?

Thanks for the responses
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