Coding a new blogger in PHP. Need your thoughts on features.

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I want to create a blog that isn't overloaded with non-blog-related features. It should include all the essential features necessary for blogging without any unnecessary extras.

I'm currently two days into coding my blog and would love to hear your thoughts. What features would you like to see in a blog platform that is purely focused on blogging, unlike general-purpose website builders like WordPress?

IMO, Wordpress strayed too far off the path... at least for bloggers. We spend more time tweaking performance than we do blogging, I feel.

I deff think it needs analytics/stats, seo and so-forth .... out of the box. Wordpress is old by now and still hasn't this built in functionality without freemium plugins. Nothing is even free anymore, people looking for a fast buck ruined that.
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I am a coder, and looking forward to hear more on your adventure. Good luck!
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