Chrome Extension: Auto-accept NDA in Squadhelp contests

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    I got tired of going through clicking "Review and accept NDA", clicking on checkbox and then clicking "Accept" every time I open an NDA contest on Squadhelp, so I created a little Chrome extension to have that done automatically. If you are also tired of these steps, you can use it too (y)

    How to use:

    1. Download .ZIP archive file with the extension from one of the following links:

    Download from Namepros, alternative download, download from Mega

    2. Extract the .ZIP archive file, a "Squadhelp Auto-accept NDA" folder is going to appear

    3. In Google Chrome, type or paste in the address bar: chrome://extensions

    4. Turn on the "Developer mode" toggle in the right top corner


    5. Click the "Load unpacked" button


    6. Select the folder


    7. Extension is going to activate automatically. Chrome is going to add an extension icon next to the address bar – that is Chrome's default behaviour, but the icon is absolutely unnecessary, so click on it and select "Hide in Chrome menu"


    8. You can then disable "developer mode" and delete the downloaded files

    9. Try opening an NDA contest on Squadhelp and enjoy :smug:

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