question Can domains with good backlinks be considered liquid?

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Hello! I would like to know if in your experience of buying and selling domains, you could consider domains with very good backlinks and no spam as a liquid domain, for example, buy a domain that has a good link from and that in turn does not have any type of spam.

I ask this question, since normally, for example, liquid domains are considered, domains with, for example, 3-4 letters and ending in .com, the practice has already been established that anyone who acquires them can sell them quickly, my question is whether with domains with very good backlinks and without spam are easy to get buyers quickly
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domains with very good backlinks and without spam are easy to get buyers quickly

depends on the bl and where it resides on that website and if it is related to the domain in question.
how long the links have been there and how many actual visitors arrive due to those links?
then there is the appeal of the domain as is.

liquid also depends on price.

Liquid in terms of easy to sell, yes.

But not in terms of having an established floor price etc.

Links decay over time so if not managed properly the value of these names declines the longer they are not an active site.
Not a chance.
These are pseudo stats.
i have seen the ugliest domains using these pseudo stats (DA Domain Authority) BS.

The worst is when the domain isnt .com.

Nice try! Backlinks is my lowest priority.
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“Backlinks” is worse than “aged”.
and Neither is “liquid”
Ugly “aged” domain from 1999 still ugly.

The minimum “liquid” standard is — Only 476,976 all registered awhile; and the most inexpensive is currently $100 on NP. is even rarer; cheapest is 5 figures.
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