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    As i am looking at this domain industry from few months, i come to know that, every domainer has its own way of thinking, as i have seen some domainers booking some youtubers channel domain names.

    I mean to say like there is a youtuber in india whose channel name is this
    and he joined youtube on Oct 18, 2015. But at this time he has not registered his domain name. and having no website about it, as he is not famous at that time.

    But as time goes, at this time some domainer saw his channel, and he saw the potential in the channel and bought the domain name ( .

    Ofcourse he bought it bcse later on he will sell it for higher price or make a website on it.
    As domainer knows that this channel will grow for sure as this is a technical channel.

    And after few years. That youtuber comes and try to register the domain, but it is unavailable
    , bcse that domainer already bought it year ago, then he ask that domainer, to sell him, but i think domainer is demanding high amount for the domain, as the domainer knows that his channel has
    grown tooo much in recent years.

    But that youtuber rejected to pay that price for that domain, and bought this (
    and here is how it looks

    So after this, that same domainer built his site on that domain with this name (
    and here u can chk how this looks.

    As this dominer built site around it, and put adesnse ads on it, and runs a youtube channel also with this name.

    So here my question arises:

    1. Is a good idea to register a domain name before, youtube channel owner do.
    So that we can sell it later on, on good price .

    2. Is it a good idea to sell it or make a website around it. So that we can put ads from google and earn passively from it.

    3. Is it a good move from that domainer at that time, to register other gtlds also, so there will be less chances for that youtuber to register his domain, and he will surely pick one of those by paying good price


    4. Who will phase the TM issue, if either of one register trademark of there domain. As right now no one has done it.
    As i have asked similar kind of question on Namepros, And i got very nice answer from an experienced domainer, and i respect what he said.....But due to my bad english, i dont get it 100%.

    Still having confusion about it little bit as they are from same niche,u will understand better , when u chk this pic below.

    Plz reply in points, if u have specific answers.
    I am waiting for ur grt answers.

    Answers will be appreciated, thank u very much for reading.
    huge respect for u , if ur reading this till

    No disrespect about anyone.

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  2. Ram corbin

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    Technically the name was bought in bad faith if it was purchased according to your explanation. Not good!
  3. golan

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    Three words: Stinky business model.
  4. MadAboutDomains

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    Yeah, I'd highly advise against doing this, morally and for your own sanity and peace of mind.

    The thing is that you're failing to mention, is that people build things up and get successful through blood sweat and tears, determination and persistence. They work hard every day, building something real around their name (brand) in order to make it worth something. Having the explicit intention to stop an individual in their tracks in this way really isn't good business... you won't feel good for it in the long run and you're unlikely to profit from it.

    The net effect of what you are intending is that you'll upset people by holding something to ransom that is rightfully theirs. If you know that they exist, then chances are that they have a case for bad faith in UDRP against your registration(s) - trademark or no trademark.

    I'd suggest that you put your effort into building something of your own instead of trying to make a quick buck out of someone else's hard work. It will make you feel better in the long run and you'll have created value for yourself and other people.

    I would suggest choosing a niche and ensure that whatever you do: aim to never knowingly infringe on the rights of others or cause harm. I have a few Youtuber related domains, one of my favourites being /V/l/o/g/m/a/s/.com (you know, the popular Youtube event every year). It doesn't infringe on anyone's rights and it's a great domain regardless of any individual.

    When it comes to registering trademarks, to have any rights you have to use it in trade. If you don't use it in trade within the number of years prescribed by the trademark office, you'll be susceptible to other's invalidating your registration for non-use. Trade = "exchange of goods or services under the name, for profit". Who wants to have to own and administer trademarks that they don't even intend to use? Build something of your own and register a trademark of your own, it will be valuable to you! I've also got a few trademarks, I use them in trade and it's painful and expensive to go through the process of registration.

    Good luck.
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  5. Umesh1

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    Thanks very much for the grt reply, I will keep that In mind

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