Buyer never initiated inspection period... It's been days. What do I do?

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    I sold a domain name through a buyer reaching out through . We agreed and moved the transaction to the escrow stage. The money is with escrow, and I have pushed the domain name and it's not in the buyers possession as of early morning August 2nd, 2019. It's now August 5th, 2019 and the buyer has not initiated the inspection period through even though he's only supposed to get 24 hours to inspect resulting in him having the domain name, having indefinite time to have the domain name, and I'm stuck in limbo since he still has yet to actually initiate the inspection start leaving me without my domain, and without any money for the domain name. This is frustrating, and I just would like my payment now that we agreed on. I've called and they are giving me the run around talking about how I have to wait for the buyer and talk with the broker. Buyers not moving at all. What do I do?

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    That was Friday and today is Monday. Lots of people are not active over the weekend when it comes to business. I have had this happen before and it always gets worked out.

    Eventually you might need to provide proof of a transfer or the broker might need to get involved.

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    I had same situation more than few times and it always works out. Escrow is off on weekends pretty much. I agree with Brad it will work out for sure. You will get your $$$ just be patient.
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    Sounds like a registrar thing you need to consider. If you pushed the domain to the buyer's account name (or to DomainAgents' holding account) then you should have received a push confirmation in email. That should be sent to Escrow in an email. You can call your registrar to make sure the domain is now waiting for the buyer to accept it.

    If the buyer hasn't clicked "Received the domain" then the inspection period hasn't started, and his 24 hours haven't begun yet.
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