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Why you need to build your own DNS?

1. Branding

Use and to highlight your brand.

2. ADs in whois

You can set the DNS server name to and, so that when others lookup the domain whois, they can see this domain is for sale and your contact information.

3. Time-Saving

This DNS is specially designed for domain name investors, use it can save you a lot of time.

For the DomainForSale Landing Page:

You only need to set the DNS of these domains to your own DNS, and that's it, no other operations are required.

Your DNS can automatically resolve these domains to your DomainForSale server IP, or forward to the DomainForSale page.

For listing the domains on marketplace:

When we list the domain name on Godaddy, Sedo and other markets, we need to use TXT records to verify the ownership.

Use this DNS, the entire operation of setting TXT records can be completed in less than a minute.

a) Add TXT records template:

b) Bulk adding TXT records of domain names:

DNS Control Panel Demo:
Start building your own DNS Server:

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