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Why do pro domainers need NameContainer?

1. Better domain name display effect

You can customize an ICON for each domain name to increase the display effect. And our script has designed a more convenient way to set the domain name ICON.

2. Make it easier for your customers to buy domains

Your customers can buy domain names directly on your website through PayPal, Escrow or cryptocurrency, and you can also set up buy-it-now links of domain trading platforms, and your customers are free to choose how they like to buy your domains.

3. Use custom DNS and professional DNS servers built by us to make it easier for you to manage DNS

All your domains can use your own DNS, for example:

This kind of DNS can show your own brand and can also play an advertising effect. When your customers query your domain WHOIS, they can see that the domain is for sale and the contact phone number through the domain name WHOIS.

And the DNS we built can make it easier for you to manage domain names. You only need to change your other for-sale domains to your own DNS, and visiting these domains will automatically open your domain-for-sale page.

When you list domains to Godaddy, SEDO, Dan... The ownership TXT records can be easily set in our DNS control panel.

4. Export the listing CSV data of Domain Platform ( Such as: SEDO, Afternic, DAN....)

You can directly export the CSV data of SEDO, Afternic, DAN and other platforms, and then upload these CSVs directly to complete the listing to these platforms.

5. Quickly check the data of domains that have been listed on the platform, including:

Domains that are not listed on the platform and need to be listed
Have been sold and forgot to remove on the platform
Domains with the wrong prices on the platform

6. Customer Make Offer Online and real-time notification to your mailbox

When you receive an offer, your mailbox will receive a real-time notification email, and in the admin panel, there are also reminders to help you process the offers in time.

The other features including:

Bulk Add/Update/Delete Domains
Excel Import/Export Domains
Unlimited Domains / Categories / BIN Platforms
Multiple Categories and BIN Platforms for each domain
Set some featured domains to display on homepage
WYSIWYG Publish support articles

One-time payment for the script, lifetime use, and we provide free technical support to keep your website and DNS server safe and stable.

NameContainer is the best domain name portfolio management tool you can see at present. It is simple and lightweight, but powerful.

You can compare NameContainer to other scripts or services related to domain portfolio management, None of them are as powerful as NameContainer.

NameContainer Website:
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Fields for Domain Name Data of NameContainer Script:
1. Domain
2. Category
( Each domain can be set multiple )
3. Introduction ( A brief introduction to domain )
4. Status ( BuyNow,MakeOffer,NotForSale )
5. Price ( Your customer can pay via PayPal, Escrow, Cryptocurrency at this price)
6. BIN Platform ( Such as Godaddy, SEDO, Afternic, DAN... Each domain can be set multiple )
7. Recommend ( Set Yes to list domain on Homepage )
8. ICON ( The display icon for this domain, if is not set, the script will automatically select the icon for the domain name )
9. Last Update Time ( The script will automatically record the time of your last operation on the domain name )

The following are some pictures of the main interface of the script. Through these pictures, you can understand the general function of the script. ( The data interaction is asynchronous using Ajax, and no need to refresh the web page. )


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