Brokerage gig - now what?

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    I just landed what could be described as one of the first attempts at corporate domain brokerage (sales and acquisitions) in my part of the world.

    Help a brother out with some professional advice!

    I need to show results in a couple of weeks, if I can it might be a long term relationship.
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    what sales have you had, on your own, where you can reflect on how they progressed?

    as for advice, and if you don't already know:

    don't ask me on behalf of your client, "how much?
    instead, have a solid offer to present, in the initial solicitation.

    don't make fake or misleading claims, or statements.
    don't broadcast, what you can't divulge

  3. Thanks.

    I have a healthy pottfolio with healthy margins. I’m an experienced brandable
    niche domainer. I have a way with these things. I have closed a couple on my own, but most were through third parties.

    Would this be a starting point:

    Seller side brokerage:

    Find possible buyers
    Have possible buyers reflect on price or make an offer.
    List with major aftermarket venues.
    Set up lander, commission free, or commission adjusted.
    Follow up.

    Buyer side brokerage:

    Find seller.
    Present offer. (Not maximum).
    Follow up.

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