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Greetings DN community

Are you a brandable domain name investor? Do you spend hours searching for brandable domains for your portfolio, for your development project or to list at BrandBucket and SquadHelp?

Did you answer yes to any of the above? Then go check out

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What the heck is Branderio?

Every day hundreds of thousands of domain names expire at GoDaddy. Sometimes there are brandable diamonds among them, but it can take hours and hours to sort through the entire list of expiring domains to weed them out.

Branderio makes use of a cutting-edge algorithm to scan the list and identify hundreds of great 5, 6 and 7 letter brandable .com domains like Reeba, Kamoria and Bizodo which are then sent straight to your inbox in a handy, formatted Excel file every single day so you can filter and find your favourite brandable domains and add them to your watchlist in seconds!

Why would I use Branderio?

The reality of the internet today is that most of the good names are gone. This can be frustrating in an age where an online presence for you product or service is paramount.
When you can't get the name you want sometimes the next best thing is to use a brandable domain which can offer immediate brand recall, differentiation and personality.

Think of huge companies like Canva, Klaviyo, Zinga, Google, Klarna, Adidas, Cisco, Quora, Vimeo, Zillow, Taboola, Pixar...the list goes on!
These are all what we call brandable domains because they are unique and typically have no real dictionary meaning. Certain brandable domains can be very valuable too, which is why there is a booming secondary market for them on sites like BrandBucket and SquadHelp.

How do I use Branderio?

Once you subscribe to the service you'll begin to receive the daily Branderio domain list as a pre-formatted Excel file, usually at about 2200UTC.

You can sort and filter the domains in the Excel file depending on the domain length (5, 6 or 7 letters) or the patterns you find desirable like CVVCV (Eg - Reeba) or CVCCV (Eg - Gubba) or VCVCV (Eg - Obevo) or VCVCVV (Eg - Atolio).

Once you have found the domain(s) you like you can use the link to click through to GoDaddy Auctions where you can either place a bid on the domain or purchase it using the BIN if applicable.Prices for the domains in the report can vary from a $5 BIN to significantly more in active auctions.

Where do I start?

Go sign up today and get your first 7 days free! (Usual price $10 per month)

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Adidas is short for Adi Dassler - name of one of the brothers-founders of the company (the other brother later started a brand Puma, after they splitted).
Adidas is short for Adi Dassler - name of one of the brothers-founders of the company (the other brother later started a brand Puma, after they splitted).
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