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Bogus offers/advertising

Located in General Domain Discussion started by vwblubug, Mar 11, 2018.


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    Hi everyone,

    I don’t know if this is happening to others, as I haven’t been able to find anything posted on the topic. (Please don’t hesitate to let me know if there is something already out there on the topic)

    I have received 3 separate $xxx,xxx offers via Voodoo’s inquiry/offer system on different domains and they all contain some kind of credit / loan offers. (See screenshot below of the one I received today)

    It is certainly not Voodoo’s fault, it is another example of just how some have no regard for people’s privacy and time.


    I just thought I’d reach out and share this with you guys, as this is definitely a new one for me!

    Take care and have a Blessed day!


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    yes for sure.. pushy indian marketers.. or russian.. or others.. will use every available venue to sell prdocucts.. inlcuding making offers on your domains and inserrting their contact info and pitch there.


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