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    Nuri — formerly Bitwala; How To Manage An Ambitious Rebranding

    Near the end of last year, I was stopped in the hallway of our office (in between Covid lockdowns) and was asked to lead the technical side of the redesign and rebranding efforts of Bitwala to Nuri. Since I was building the Bitwala products for all platforms from the very beginning, it only made sense for me to jump into that opportunity head-on.s

    We, at Bitwala (and now Nuri), are always working on building many new features. Most of the time, everybody’s busy with their own projects, and it’s difficult to get people on a new one before theirs are fully finished and released. That resulted in a decision to hire several teams of freelancers to help us out. Obviously, there have been many issues with this approach, but you might say that it was done for the greater benefit. It was really important for us not to stop any other feature work.

    With that, it was almost certain that this project will not be a perfect case study of how redesign and rebranding should be implemented. And since I took ownership over the tech side of it, I was left concerned about what this would mean. It would surely be better implemented by people who’ve spent years building the product in the first place. But that’s not to say freelancers couldn’t and didn’t deliver the best they could. They certainly have.

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