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Paul, a well-known American venture capitalist, once said "the biggest weakness for enterprise is lacking a corresponding .com brand domain". Today let’s review these Internet corporations and their .com domains.

Uber:2% Shares exchange for

Uber was founded in 2009, and the current market value is more than $6.2 billion. In the earliest time the company was called Ubercab, while it’s official domain was With the rapid development of the company, apparently the name Ubercab is not capable of demonstrating this technology company, thus the new name ---- Uber came into being.

However at that time, had been registered by the Universal Music Group, which was really a bolt from the blue for the just renamed corporation. Finally Uber had to accept its conditions----2% shares for, after all UMS was not short of money.

Take Ten Years for Purchasing

Facebook’s earliest domain name was, and in 2005, Zuckerberg spent $200,000 on buying As you could imagine, it could not be a small sum of money for facebook at that time---- only set up for one year. It is this keyword domain which facilitates Facebook to develop smoothly in the following years. Now, as a technology giant whose market capitalization is more than $25 billion, it is not difficult to buy at a price of $8.5 million.

From, to, Zuckerberg whose foresight is highly admired by the public, shows us the importance of a good domain name for a company.

Instagram:A Good Domain Should Be Pronounced Easily

Instagram is a mobile photo and video sharing app in Facebook, founded by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, and now it is very popular among young people, almost attracting 10 million users.

Instagram’s original domain name was, however, people still like to call it Instagram due to its awkward pronunciation. For this reason, they spent $100,000 on purchasing in 2011.

Qihoo 360: Domain is the Best Brand

Qihoo 360, a well-known domestic anti-virus software company, its previous official website domain name was Arguably, the domain name was already pretty good, however, with the expansion of its business---- the Internet, mobile phones, games and other independent business, a more all-purpose domain name seems to be more imminent for Qihoo 360.

Last February, Qihoo 360 spent nearly CNY 100 million on from Vodafone.

Subsequently, its official website domain name became In last June, 360Qiku was officially renamed 360mall, not only its new SLD mall. was launched, but also related products such as search service ( and Qihoo community have been collected in

This means that will be used as the main domain name and the relevant business and products will be concentrated in the name of In the brand promotion, apparently expresses a wider brand connotation, which is a perfect brand domain example.

What Kind of Domain Name can be the First choice?

First of all, the name must be short. We live in a “shorter” world----shorter distance, shorter time. Precisely because of this, we need a shorter domain name which could be easily memorized and input.

Secondly, choose a brand domain. Brand is the highest degree of market recognition. For a domain, the more relevant to brand it is, the more important it plays a role in publicity and promotion. Whenever a company becomes an authority in its field, it will never want to be called the blablabla company. Just imagine how odd it would be if Facebook is still called

Finally, the domain name should be comprehensive. A word’s meaning like Ubercab, is relatively narrow. Uber as a technology company, apparently its business would not be limited to taxi service only.

A good domain name can affect an enterprise’s development, plans, brand’s establishment and maintaining. Jack Ma purchased in its early days in which we could see his prophetic vision.

Each of these companies in choosing their own domain name has gone through a bitter history. In the final analysis, these companies face a major problem of lacking a brand name which could be in line with enterprise’s development. When an enterprise develops to a certain extent, they need their own brand domain name to reflect their authority in the market.

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