It appears that Google has changed the method for displaying search volume in their Adwords Tool.

The tool is no longer showing an exact figure. It now shows a range, a very broad range at that.

Example: "drone camera" returns the following result: 10K - 100K

This update must have taken place a few hours ago because the tool was working as it always has earlier this morning and I use it almost daily.

If this is a permanent change, valuating keyword domains will be a lot tougher.
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We already have a thread on this ...

This is for users without an active campaign and Google also said they would implement on "low spend" campaigns.


It's not incrementally based on your spend, more like either you get the better data or you don't.

The API is not affected, so in theory you could roll your own. But they've always had restrictions in their TOS on using the keywords portion of the API in anything that doesn't include core Adwords functionality.
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