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  1. Cush

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    I have been "domaining" on and off since 1997. All of my old sales were simple contacts via the Whois database and some emails/phone calls.

    I have listed domains in the past on Sedo, but aside from the truly low ball offers of basically nothing, I never sold a name through them.

    In early 2020, i listed a bunch of names reg'd with GoDaddy on their listings page, and one sold for 5 figures. I was shocked, as I didn't intend to ask that much for it, and forgot about it, yet someone actually paid it.

    Anyways, this sale got me motivated and i began to park/list all my domains with various places. GoDaddy, DAN, Sedo, etc. However, even though some names are pretty good, I get zero traction or interest.

    I see all of these posts with sold domains, and can't seem to figure out what I am doing wrong.

    Who do YOU all recommend as being the "go-to-place" to list domains for sale?

    Thanks for any/all advice and input!
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  2. biggie

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    since we don't know the names, then not much to say on that

    but to me, there is no best place, there are only the best names, from which to choose from.

    if you list on platforms with high volume of searchers, then chances of visibility increase, but so does competition in your domains' category.

    still, if you listed your domains on the various marketplaces, which ones have you set nameservers to, and are they pointed to sales landers or pay per click pages with ads?

    the good thing is, you recently sold a domain for nice sum, so perhaps time to reevaluate portfolio and pricing, if you have any domains with Buy It Now Prices.

    Good Luck!

  3. HotKey

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    If your old sales were through whois, what were your domains doing then? Resolving nowhere, or individual landers, developed.. ?
    Maybe go back to your groove, if that's what worked then. Names can be successful in different avenues than others.
  4. Bob Hawkes

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    I think there probably is no one answer to where is best, and it depends on your domain names. For example...
    • If they are brandable in nature, one should at least consider the brandable places
    • If they might be the kind of name that prospective owners might want to pay monthly, listing somewhere that gives that option makes sense
    • If you feel they might be impulsively purchased, I think that a stated BIN price and trustworthy payment system can help.
    • Some types of names probably benefit from an elegant visual lander, while that does not matter, or may be a negative, in others.
    • While in general good names should sell themselves, and no description is needed, research at SH and other places has shown that names with descriptions have a higher sell-through rate. While most permit some sort of description, it is easier to do at some with fewer restrictions.
    • Will a logo make a difference? Some marketplaces allow or require them, some not. Again depends on type of name.
    • etc.
    But in general, I would list as many places as any restrictions allow. Some buyers will prefer one over the other.
  5. Cush

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    Thanks everyone. I know it was a really open ended question, but I appreciate the insight.

    My old method of just using WHOIS isn't really viable anymore since most domains are 'protected' and the amount of spam/scam emails are huge.

    My portfolio is .com only, and some of the names are very good in my opinion. I see the sales thread and scratch my head thinking "this name i have is 10x better", yet it gets no traction.

    Does anyone ever pay for additional promotion on their names?
  6. gericsb

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    Take this with a grain of salt as I have only been back into domaining for under 2 months.

    Ive spent this time re-establishing a small portfolio of just 80+ names and listing them on: Afternic (BIN), Sedo, DAN, Epik, Uni, and DomainAgents. Working on Daaz and BIIX

    I have no sales yet.

    My portfolio is 98% .com as well.

    I have tried two things.

    1 - Marketplace listing on Sedo for $39 for a Dot TV. No interest yet

    2 - Have 2 keyword .com domains that were accepted to the Sedo Keyword auction. This is free but your names have to be 'decent'. You also have to agree to a Reserve of $99. They set the minimum bid to $99 also.

    This auction is in abour a week Jan 21 -28 so we'll see.

    I cant tell if my names are any good (lol) so I am trying to get feedback or maybe make a sale.

    It's been less than 2 months so not a long time and my portfolio is small but cant tell so Im in the same boat as you
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