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Labeled as question in Domain Expiration and Domain Drop Catching started by ivbran, Jun 23, 2018.


  1. ivbran

    ivbran Established Member

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    I am new domain investor so i take it easy and mostly read, watch and listen rather than buying. My first successful flip was a lucky sale i made with hand-registered expired catchy dot ME in 2014 and sold it 9 days later at flippa for $1000. Last month i discovered domain sherpa show (thank you Michael Cyger and Drew Rosener (y)) and decided to educate myself and start with domain investing in my spare time.

    So, yesterday i decided to test backordering domains. I picked 3 com domains:
    EasyRetirement //com
    KidsNutritionist //com
    CryptoOcean //com
    I read that dropcatch is recommended mostly thanks to their acquision of 500+ registrars, but dynadot may do the work if the domain is not very competitive. As i wasn't sure if these domains are interesting for other investors (and bots) decided to go with dynadot and if domain is attractive enough to be backordered from more than 2 domainers at dropcatch, I will join an auction since it is public.

    What happened with the domains? All of them were registered (dynadot failed to backorder them for me) and it seem that there are no auctions at dropcathing services i have checked (namejet, snapnames, dropcatch, dynadot...).

    Here are the new registrars from updated whois:
    EasyRetirement - Registrar: hotdomaintrade
    KidsNutritionist - Registrar: networksolutions
    CryptoOcean - Registrar: hotdomaintrade

    I am really keen to find out how new owners registered these domains. They most likely used some backordering service, but also it seems that they won the domain without auction, so either there was no interest from other domainers for this particular domains or their backordering service is custom build similar to desktopcatcher.

    Any ideas what happened?:pompous:
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  2. golan

    golan Leo.Domains Gold Account VIP

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    Domain ended at networksolutions was grabbed by SnapNames. hotdomaintrade - i don't know, maybe one of junk registrars used by Snapnames.

    Anyway, all three names you've picked are great, especially 1 and 3. Dynadot would never have a chance. You need to backorder domains like these both at Dropcatch and Snapnames, and be prepare to pay high bucks on their after-the-catch auctions.
  3. davidc1

    davidc1 Established Member ★★★★★★★★★★

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    All three goes to snapnames.
    --> dynadot is too slow for .com .net

    You have to try different strategies
    a) snapnames discount (with a service like mine)
    b) dropcatch discount
    c) dropcatch regular
    d) snapnames regular

    1) order on : a
    2) order on : a+b
    3) order on : a+c
    4) order on : d
    5) order on :c+ d

    If you dont care paying $79 or more for domains, forget tests 1) 2) 3) ; test only 4) and 5)
    For domains where you prefer to pay less than $79 follow tests 1 to 5

    Try each test with 20 domains and count by the end how many domains you have with each test and expenses to know how much continuing on a long hand the same strategy will cost you...

    One thing to know is that services put more power on domain when they have a lot of backorders for it, so it's not a good choice to backorder everywhere your domains, if domains goes to public auction after...
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  4. centreurope

    centreurope Established Member ★★★★★★★★★★

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    Your strategy is fine but I prefer to avoid DC auctions

    with your service, I have an excellent return an no surprise. For most expired domains, it's not necessary to pay 79usd and end up with a crappy registrar

    with DC discount, it's very effective and cheap, but ONLY for SEO domains. For keyword domains, they systematically end up as "partner". So we work for free for them. And if we do a regular BO, it very often goes to auction. And in DC auctions, the prices are juste insane, as they are open auctions
  5. davidc1

    davidc1 Established Member ★★★★★★★★★★

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    Exactly, look to who will win the domain, very often it's not someone who has backordered it...
  6. centreurope

    centreurope Established Member ★★★★★★★★★★

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    It's clever from DC (but bad for us). Buyers don't need to waste time selecting domains. Valuable domains ALWAYS end up in auctions. So they just need to analyze the domains, once they are auctionned with DC. It saves a lot of time

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