NameSilo excluded from Godaddy auctions

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  1. monotheist

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    I use Uniregistry market. All of my domains are listed in Godaddy auctions except Below message pops up when I try to list it manually. Also please note that my other .direct domains are listed in Godaddy auctions. So it is not that Godaddy has issue with the extension.
    Screenshot 2021-04-08 at 4.00.25 PM.png

    While GoDaddy Auctions supports the vast majority of Top-Level Domains, we can`t list this particular domain right now. We`re working on building out the infrastructure to handle domains like this and will email you when we`re ready to go.
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  2. Kostas

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    It's because it has a premium renewal. Unfortunately, godaddy still doesn't support such names in the aftermarket, even though they allow you to register them.
  3. Samer

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    Premium renewals is a farce to entire industry.

    This is the one time, i cant fault Godaddy.

    Reject “Premium” renewal; anchor garbage.
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  4. topdom

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    What is the difference between Godaddy auctions and Afternic? What advantage does GD auctions have over Afternic? Is GD auctions really for auctions, or is it a separate marketplace?

    I list a domain at Afternic. I add a price (when requested). Later I check it , say, at Dynadot. Dynadot doesn't show a price, just says it is registered/unavailable. I can't even search at GD, because GD shows something equivalent to midfinger (no search results) . GD customer service is very bad. But Afternic works (not perfectly, it seems to be a place where domainers meet GD agents, no endusers there).
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