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If anyone is having ongoing issues with the way their Whois information is being displayed, there is a form with ICANN to address this.
Whois Compliance ICANN Form

There appear to be ongoing issues of having privacy off with a particular registrar, but still not being able to have the email address displayed.
If you have chosen privacy off, you may wish to check your domain Whois to see how it is being displayed. If there are issues unresolved with the registrar, the ICANN online submission is simple and straightforward.

After sending both emails to the registrar Whois support, as well as spending over 1/2 hour on the phone with customer service, this appears to be a necessary step to try to resolve matters. So feel free to report any issues that remained unresolved, using the online form.
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Can we just call out the registrar thats having issues?
Can we just call out the registrar thats having issues?
Sure, that's the first step. And ICANN asks to present evidence that you tried to resolve the matter directly with the registrar first.
If, for whatever reasons, the registrar is unable to address the noncompliance on their own, ICANN can intervene on your behalf. They create a case number, and may ask for additonal documents to be uploaded electronically.

Overall, the submission process online is quick and simple.
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