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  1. LoveCatchyDomains

    tips Any Ongoing Issues with Your Whois Contact Information? ICANN Form Information

    Sure, that's the first step. And ICANN asks to present evidence that you tried to resolve the matter directly with the registrar first. If, for whatever reasons, the registrar is unable to address the noncompliance on their own, ICANN can intervene on your behalf. They create a case number...
  2. LoveCatchyDomains

    GoDaddy Blocking Emails?

    It is still not allowing direct display of the email contact field, and instead referring to a GoDaddy link. Your suggestion about putting the email in the second line of the mailing address is getting tempting. But really, they can simply fix it show it shows ALL the correcdt contact...
  3. LoveCatchyDomains

    information is a fraud. They cant and wont process .io domain names from 1/3/2023

    OK. So who are they? Who owns them, and where are they located? Since I don't have my domains with them, it would be nice to be able to contact them directly, even if by "snail" mail.