Another Domain Appraisal Scam

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  1. william

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    Hey, guys. Be aware of another domain appraisal scam. They will reach out via GoDaddy whois request.

    “We contacted you through GoDaddy WHO IS contact from. It has no option "Domain purchase" so we used the reason of contact by default. We actually interested in purchasing your domain.
    My name is Elisa Kitano. My colleague sent this email offer to you. I work with English speaking clients of our company.
    I am reaching out to you on behalf of a buyer from Tokyo (Mr. Takizaki). Commission of our company is 6%. It's paid when you get the money.
    The buyer offers $85,000 usd. Is it acceptable? He wants to secure your domain fast so he offers the price other competitors cannot beat.
    The buyer is starting a new web project that will generate him 1M-2M yearly. Your domain will be used to drive traffic to it. It's SEO friendly and meet the buyer's needs.
    The buyer also has a Godaddy account so you will transfer easily from one Godaddy account to another.
    He will pay you via an Escrow service. They accept payments in Japanese Yen and crypto from his country and can send you money you via wire, Paypal, check or any other method you prefer.
    The buyer is a VIP GoDaddy/Sedo client and this is the certified offer and the buyer is obligated to purchase.
    The buyer's bank requires trademark infringement verification for Japan + professional appraisal. This is for domain not web site. Please don't worry. Some agencies includes both in one document. No need to order two documents. They must also make a copy in Japanese.
    I asked the buyer if Godaddy or Sedo certificates are ok for his bank. Waiting for his answer.
    To communicate with me online please use Telegram messenger. Our domain group in Telegram: @domainbrokerage. Make search for DomainBrokerage in Telegram. Please send me your Telegram user name after @ and we will be able to chat.
    If you don't have Telegram you may install it on your smartphone from Google Play or AppStore. If your Telegram account is new and you cannot send messages to other members please send me your Telegram user name and I will contact you.
    Please respond ASAP. We have another seller and he agrees to certify the domain. If you don't respond we will buy his domain.
    Elisa Kitano
    Vice President
    Investor Relations
    Canoha . jp
    Hosting Services
    105-6104 Tokyo, Minato City, Hamamatsucho, 2 Chome−4−1, World Trade Center Bldg., 4F
    +81 3-3435-3712”

    Here you go. Another version of the typical domain appraisal scam. Sent from [email protected].

    Red flags:
    -Lengthy overly detailed email
    -Email sent from domain “” registered just weeks before. It forwards to another domain. Also a red flag.
    -Strange circumstances (foreign country, documents)
    -Selling how “trusworthy” the buyer is for no reason
    -Too good to be true offer (although in this case, it was on the low end)
    -Use of telegram. An anonymous, non-trackable, chat app used to scam people.
    -Mention of “infringement verification” and “appraisal”. If someone wants to appraise a domain name, they don’t need you.

    Stay away or just waste their time if you get something like this.
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  2. DuDD

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    thank you for
  3. tirzahtoy

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    I was hit with this exact email for a godaddy domain I own. Someone from Korea tried the same thing a year ago. They probably did not like my response about no funds required from me and that I would transfer the domain after my bank verified their funds had cleared - holding my breath :xf.laugh::xf.laugh:
  4. william

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    Somewhere out there is a sad Asian business man, who just wants to buy a domain name for a large sum, but he is unable to because we simply won't get an appraisal. :xf.cry:
  5. manpreet

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    Yes it does exist, I have been facing this scam for over two decades.

    Their wording in email keeps changing, but the motive is still the same. Beware of such scams guys. I also talked about this in a recent video:

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  6. FolioTeam

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    Namepros needs a lol button
  7. Sourav Patel

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    Would you recommend keeping the Whois privacy ON, as most of the registrars are providing that nowadays?
  8. manpreet

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    Yes, with the number of people eyeing the Whois info these days, it is highly recommended to switch your Whois Privacy ON.

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