An interview with’s Brad Mugford

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    I appreciate this and similar interviews, great to hear from those who are successful over time.
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    Thanks for that.
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    Date: 04/23/1987

    On April 23, 1987, Datacube registered the domain name, making it 68th .com domain ever to be registered.
    Datacube Inc. (1978–2005) was an image processing company that developed real-time hardware and software products for the industrial, medical, military and scientific markets.

    Early history

    Datacube was founded in the mid-70’s by Stanley Karandanis and J Stewart Dunn. In the early days, Datacube manufactured board level products for the Multibus, which was one of the first computer buses developed for microprocessors. Early boards designed by Dunn were PROM, RAM and character generator boards. Of these, character display boards such as the VT103 and VR107 were the best sellers, and were used in programmable read-only memory (PROM) programmers and similar systems. Karandanis, Datacube’s President and CEO, in his early career followed the leaders in the semiconductor field from Bell Labs through Transitron to Fairchild. Karandanis was director of engineering at Monolithic Memories (MMI) when John Birkner and H.T. Chua designed the first successful programmable logic device, the programmable array logic (PAL) device. His contacts in the semiconductor field were instrumental in providing Datacube with leading-edge components for its products.

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    Congrats with the interview. As always, clear way of thinking and lots of insights.

    SSL: it is not for transactions, as you know. Google is punishing for it and some might see errors or warning saying "insecure" and most people even won't understand that "insecure" just means no certificate...

    It is easy and free to resolve too, doesn't require the website update. Ask your hoster to install it for you or use cloudflare and they'll do it.

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