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analysis An experiment with .co special


Leo Angelo

DomaincracyTop Member
I am dropping 1712 .co names today. I analyzed the results of this batch and decided to share them with the NamePros community.
Please don't be offended if this is nothing new or you've seen better results. Share them and any improvement ideas, and wish us all success.

The Special
A little over a year ago, GoDaddy had a $0.99 .co special. I registered 1725 .co domains at that cost.

I sold 13 of them for $8k total gross: three at $1000 each and ten at $500 each. I dropped the rest. My net profit was over $5k.

Sold Usage
Out of the 13, seven have live pages, two say "coming soon," two still show my "sold" landing page, one has the GoDaddy landing page, and one expired.

The Names
How did I choose those names?
I searched the regular registration availability of the .co domain for .coms appraised by GoDaddy at over $5k. I did not spend any time screening them after that.
How did I get the .coms? GD API.
How did I search the .co availability? Dynadot API.

I priced them at either $500 or $1000, based on the corresponding .com's appraised value.

Would I change pricing? Yes, I will widen the range: go both higher and lower.

Would I go bigger? Yes. The model is scalable, and I have automated-enough tools to justify spending the time; I estimate spending four-five hours total. The challenge is name-finding ideas.

Would I do it without a $0.99 or lower special? No. Not even at $1.99. I would need better names, better pricing, or both to keep it profitable.

Would I do it again? Yes. Like many, I've been taking advantage of specials several times a year with different TLDs and registrars.

I am wishing you profitable domaining.
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Amit Khandelwal

Domain Broker, SplitSearch.comEstablished Member
I agree with you to do the same again when the promos goes live next time. Thanks for sharing your experience to the community.