Afternic sale reversed or not verified?

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    So i got the following email from Afternic about a week ago:


    Great news, we have successfully verified the payment of $x,xxx.00 for etc...

    Today i got a message that contradicts this:

    Dear Rory,

    Unfortunately, we had to cancel this transaction due to the buyer's funds being unverified. I have pushed the domain back to your GoDaddy account. Please log in and accept the domain. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

    and another....

    Unfortunately, we couldn’t verify that the buyer of had the funds to pay for it. We have requested they use a more secure purchase method. Until we receive payment, your domain will remain listed for sale.

    This is confusing...what could have went wrong?
    1. Did the buyer change their mind and they are making an excuse for the buyer?

    How can Afternic say they have" successfully verified payment" and let me unlock and give out my authorization code... then a week later say the funds are not verified??????

    I could understand if the email said a name was sold: because then maybe the buyer clicked buy now but didn't purchase yet. As Godaddy allow two days to pay i think.

    But Afternic straightly said payment was made and verified.
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    I think they need to change language used in those messages.

    ask afternic for a clear explanation of those terms used.


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