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    I own a side business doing web design and as of recently I've been selling a lot of domains and am looking into going into the domain business full time some time either this year or next year. I buy most of my domains either from expired lists or directly off other domainers and then I flip them to end users via outbound marketing as in I create a list of leads, gather their email addresses and then send them emails to see who's interested. I use a branded email address with my websites domain in it and I'm using a Gmail business account to send and receive emails.

    My problem is that as of recently I've been getting a good amount of my emails sent directly into the spam folder or as far as I can tell they are just not making it to the intended end users at all. The way I've managed to figure this out is by send out emails to different email addresses I have and gauging the results.

    My question is how do you increase your rate of email deliverability? Do you use a dedicated IP address for your email client? If so, what service do you use to get a dedicated IP address (and what email client are you using)?

    If anyone can help me out with this issue I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thanks in advance.
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    lots of factors go into your email being classified as spam. A couple of tips:

    1. Make sure the email address exists. If you send a lot of email to addresses that don't exist, your spammer score will rise fast.

    2. Be selective about who you are sending to. Domainers with large portfolios hate getting solicited for junk names. Probably better to take out domainers from the list you're selling to.

    3. Limit the rate that you send the mails. If you just send a few at a time, you're less likely to get into trouble than if you blast out 000s.

    If your success depends on blasting, you should rethink your strategy. Better send targeted mails to real buyers. Good luck.
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    Always change up the the pitch. Never send the same email twice to potential buyers.
  4. Carl Brewster

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    Reduce your spam score
    Focus on Quality of the mailer
    Add catchy Images and infographics

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