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Earning Potential:
Very Good. After running 2,000,000 ad impressions $0.55 CPM, in comparison Adsense earns $0.25 CPM for that site. With such a good CPM I recommend as a first resort.

Payment Methods: pay first payment through check on Net 30 basis. After your address verification and clearance from compliance department they pay daily means you will get your payment as you reach the minimum payout amount which is just 100 $.

Payment methods are Check, Paypal, Money Bookers, Debit Master card and Wire Transfer.

Best Suited Websites:
Websites earning an abysmal amount ($0.30 CPM) through their other ad programs.
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I've used before and I'm sorry to report that it's a scam. The guy gives you an openx account where he sets up ad codes from other networks he has CPM deals with... you provide your traffic, he earns $ from those networks, and he NEVER pays you. If you start asking questions he'll get extremely rude, or eventually start ignoring you entirely. Consider yourself warned!

Yes, is SCAM. I have used them and they didn't paid me and closed my account at the time of payment without giving me any reason and when asked they didn't replied!