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    Selling premium domain name
    This old-aged domain has been registered 9 years ago.
    The main features and advantages of domain name:

    • Brandable - sounds great and consists of two keywords that fit ideally for advertising business and online classified ads websites.
    • Has Been Around For A While - It's already indexed and ranked by Google, making it better for SEO than a recently-registered domain.
    • · Already Generates Traffic -
    • o Pre-existing traffic will help the new domain owner with discoverability. Since people are already visiting the domain, there is clear value in acquiring a domain name as it has an audience bundled with it
    • It already generated revenue in past as there was a membership website on it.
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    Looks like a brandable and an excellent name to me. This one is worth $2999 or so. Put it for sale on BrandBucket and platforms like Sedo/Afternic and wait for offers. Negotiate and sell.

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