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    There is an offer and it is "binding", at least the buyer thinks that way and he is motivated.
    I receive an offer for 1K. but I prefer to sell it for 2K, and I think it can even sell for more,
    but I would take 1K if it was actually the highest offer.

    So here is the suggestion.
    Let me add 2K BIN price, and inform the buyer about it (but don't show the price
    in the email, instead you can say "this might indicate there is another buyer"),
    and make accepting 2K offer easy by showing a cute buy it now button.
    If there is no reaction, then I would accept 1K or turn it into an auction the next day.
    And the buyer gets the message "congratualtions" if accepted.
    Keeping the buyer motivated should be top priority at least until the payment is made.

    So the suggestion is:
    Make adding (or changing) BIN in the middle of a make offer negotiation possible, and the buyer
    should be informed about it (but price should not be shown in the email).
    And the rest of the negotiation should not be affected except in the case of accepting BIN,
    and last offers should remain BINding.

    (previously mentioned elsewhere, but not as a separate topic)
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    Just close the deal or counter if you start lying with reasoning then it is painted as such as you will still have it next week.

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