strategy A Normal Static Work Day From Home

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I’ve been asked over the years what my normal work day looks like. This can change day to day as an independent contractor and also depends if I am static or nomadic.
  • Static refers to working from my home base or designated office location.
  • Nomadic refers to working from different locations or while traveling.
Let’s take a short intermission break here from the routine list so I can point out that I do sometimes make a bagel with cream cheese or possibly another quick breakfast treat to go with the coffee. Though, it seems that more often than not, I end up with just a cup of coffee till I take a lunch break. Ok, back to the list…
Quick intermission break again from the routine list. Looks brain numbing and repetitive, doesn’t it? You get used to it after a while. I must add that there are times between breaks where I must attend to my son, who requires attention constantly. The wife and I trade off throughout the day to make it easier on both of us. Ok, back to the list we go…
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