Established 8 Year Old Established Hosting Business for Sale - VPS & RDP

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We are offering for sale two principal hosting services – VPS and RDP, each hosted on separate domains, with a presence in the market since September 2015 and March 2016, respectively.

Reason for Sale:
The management of both websites has been handled by a compact team comprising my friend and myself. Unfortunately, due to time constraints and involvement in other projects, we are unable to continue managing these websites effectively.

Clientele (Active):

VPS: 10
RDP: 5

Total Sales (All Time):

$27952.53 for VPS
$14941.88 for RDP

Accepted Payment Methods from Clients:


The sale includes:

Both fully-functional websites, each featuring WHMCS integration, along with domains and servers. Additionally, comprehensive information for all providers is included, ensuring a smooth transition and continuation of services.

Over the past eight years, we have served hundreds of clients but have not had the capacity to maintain or support our client base effectively. Previously, we engaged SEO firms and marketing agencies, which significantly boosted our sales at our peak.

Interested? Please feel free to private message me.
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