60+ Single .WS Emoji Domains Expire This Week

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    It was just over a year or so ago that I discovered over 100 single .WS emoji domains due to expire. Since then, emoji domain renewals have caused a number of original investors to rethink their emoji domain invest strategy.

    While it’s easy to justify an initial investment of $5 per .WS emoji domain, the story drastically changes when one has to hold and annually renew the same domain for $20-$40, depending up the extension — .ws, .to, .fm and more.

    They’re clever, novel, and freshen up marketing with a new look, yet emoji domains struggle to carve out and capture their own space within the marketing strategies for all businesses. However, there is a growing community of users putting making good of their use.

    Nevertheless, there are approximately 800 .WS emoji domains — drastically down from the ~21,000 emoji domains registered a few years ago — offered in GoDaddy's Aftermarket.

    Out the of 800 listed, there are roughly 60 single .WS emoji domains set to expire in the next 7 days.

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