It’s always interesting to travel back through time, and examine the lifecycle and events of a trending topic, especially when it relates to domains.

Now having been entrenched or involved with domains for the last 7-8 years, I find that the domain industry is not an exception.

There have been a number of trends — blockchain, crypto, bitcoin, 4L .coms, numeric, and emoji domains to name a few — that have come, gone, returned, and left once more.

Out of the aforementioned topics, emoji domains is the most intriguing for a number of reasons.

It’s been over two years since emoji domains burst onto the scene thanks to an DomainSherpa interview with Matan Israeli and Jon Roig.

Because of the attention garnered from DomainSherpa as well as Coca-Cola’s emoticons campaign, emoji domains caught fire.

A small group of domain investors and hobbyists took to keyboards all over the world in hopes of riding the next domain land rush as a emoji movie, tv show, and memorabilia saturated every nook and cranny known to man.

With .ws leading the way and ballooning to nearly 22K emoji domain registrations, other ccTLD’s — .to, .fm, .ai — attempted to cash in by allowing emoji domain registration via their very own emoji domain search engine.

As I watched emoji domain registration numbers balloon, I couldn’t help but to wonder how emoji domains would fair once the ole’ renewal grinch came knocking, especially for non single character emoji domains.

Well, here we are two years later, and the question remains of whether or not emoji domains are too early, or is it too little too late?

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