Emoji Marketing Education and Usage with "The Emoji Experts"

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    Emoji domains burst onto the scene not long ago with a handful of domain investors, speculators, and hobbyists registering nearly 21,000 .WS emoji domains and a few hundred .TO emoji domains.

    While the emoji domain craze has subsided with just under 1,500 .WS domains registered (best guess) and mostly single-character, the market for emoji domains has started the journey towards emoji marketing education and usage.

    Read and/or listen to my latest interview with a collective group of individuals known as “The Emoji Experts” about the importance of emoji marketing education, and how it impacts the art of business to reach and serve more customers.

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    Haven't kept up on this. So it went from 21,000 .ws emoji down to under 1,500 (best guess)? That's not good. Any sales happening?

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