4-20-17 1681cv03445 Update Rule 55(b)(2) Superior Court Internet Case (geodomain case law)

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Will we be able to prove & have the court invoke penalties & pains upon Kevin Sullivan for perjury

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  3. Not Sure but I hope he gets punished to the fullest extent of the law for recklessly willfully lying

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    4-20-17 @ 10:50 AM - 10:52 AM Called 978-453-0201 ext. 280 spoke w/ the clerks office at the Lowell, MA Trial Court of Massachusetts The Superior Court (Docket Number 1681CV03445 Raymond R Redican Jr. (CIS)) et al vs. GJ Brown Realty, Inc f/k/a Cendant Corp et al in regards to the Rule 55(b)(2) filing we did two (2) days ago asking the Judge for "Default Judgment" against:

    1) Century 21 G.J. Brown,
    2) Gloria J. Brown,
    3) Michael W. Brown &
    *4) RefNet.
    *Each except for RefNet officially represented by Kevin Sean Sullivan Chelmsford, MA 9 Fletcher St 01824 -
    Chelmsford mass attorney Massachusetts Suffolk University Law School University Massachusetts Bar Association Massachusetts Bar foundation Massachusetts Association of Trial Attorneys Greater Lowell Bar Association kevin s. Sullivan attorney Kevin s Sullivan Lawyer Kevin Sullivan Lawyer Kevin s. Sullivan Lawyer Kevin s Sullivan Lawyer in Chelmsford attorney Chelmsford Chelmsford lawyer lawyers in chelmsford ma Atty Kevin Sullivan Atty Kevin S Sullivan Fletcher Street Professional Street automobile accidents and injuries, personal injury, general practice, real estate, estate administration, collections and workers compensation sullivan, Kevin Sean -

    (by the way this Lawyer (in his case pronounced liar) Kevin Sullivan character committed perjury and fraud the other day which we are filing against him seeking the court to invoke the penalties and pains of perjury). (This lawyer actually had the gall to lie to the court stating in official paperwork that we did not oppose his motion to dismiss when he was told verbally (argument) that we had opposed his motion and sent next day express mail via the United States Post Office such package of documents, told him that I had a tracking number for him in which he replied quote "I do not care" end quote. I left this person a voicemail telling him that everything in regards to our previous conversation was recorded and that I would be reporting him to the Massachusetts Board of overseers and this court that we are in front of now.

    "this person is now going to experience what it means to have a certain percent of my/our attention" - Ray Redican Jr. (CIS)

    The clerks office was asked if everything we dropped off was done correct because our deadline is Sunday 4/23/17 and if it was wrong I did not want them to mail us back our Certified Return Receipt (Green; Green White proof's) rather I would have picked them up & resubmitted the 55 b 2 correctly. She assured me that what we dropped off looked good per Rule 9A & it was all set to be added to the Docket system on the web site. (Follow along at, superior court, Middlesex county, Business CBNO).

    She said it was good to go & the Judge (John T. lu - By the end of June 2017) would now look at it as we advance this CBNO case to the next step. The next step is to attend the damages trial.

    As a side note here I want to mention someone that has been commenting on some of these Legal Discussion's by the name of JayBerry or something like that I read what you put last night I did not want to respond off cuff without giving it closer appropriate attention so I will be responding to that post because I do appreciate the time that you put into that. in that post however where you put the word "SEE" in quotes were you doing that to mess with me because you know that you put the quotes incorrect you don't have to answer that here but.

    End quote goes after the period. ("See." Is correct; "See". Is wrong).

    " This is one of the best 420 's for me personal"

    *Please do not take down this post please move it to a section that is more appropriate if I did it wrong I believe that I am following the rules of this website please keep this up.

    "most popular geodomain case" "buy american, hire american"
    attorney Chelmsford MA 01824 Attorney "most important case in Massachusetts history"

    I just looked at the website for the first time since I spoke to the clerk's office and right after posting this so I'm going to edit it with a copy and paste from the official court website:


    04/18/2017 Plaintiff(s) Ray Redican, Jr (CIS)'s Motion for Default Judgment and Request for Hearing to Assess Damages

    04/18/2017 Affidavit of In support of Plaintiffs' Motion for Default Judgment

    4/18/2017 Affidavit of Plaintiff affidavit of compliance with Rule 9A; return receipt attached 4/5/17

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