2020..what are you going to do differently?

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  1. DefinitelyDomains

    DefinitelyDomains VIP

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    Ok, so 2019 is almost done and it's time to look forward to a new year. On reflection, there may be things that you might want to do differently and you have a plan in place to do just that.

    For me, I will be focusing more on developing a number of my premium names and cutting back on the day to day purchasing. I will also be stripping back my portfolio to a comfortable number and letting those 'that no longer fit' drop or I will simply sell off.

    So how about you? What are you going to do differently next year?
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  2. Nametree

    Nametree VIP

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    Spend a lot less time buying and more time selling.

    No more checking dropping lists, closeouts, DSAD everyday. Only hand-reg in bulk at great sales, a strategy I just started a few months ago and it's been working well for me.

    Auction names monthly at Namejet and Sedo to cut down my portfolio.

    Start outbounding some of my names.

    Develop 2 big names - one pure GEO for a region in Europe, which I acquired in Q4 after a lot of back and forth and am very proud to own. The other is a keyword related to my main field of work which I will be using as the home of a weekly newsletter media project.

    Ultimately, in 2019 I spent more time on domaining-related activities than ever before, and I'm happy with a portfolio that's generating a decent side income, but I need to cut down on time investment and focus on things that matter more to me.
  3. Brands.International

    Brands.International formerly lolwarrior VIP

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    I decided that I will do much more acquisitions in 2020 - great names are dropping daily :)
  4. enterscope

    enterscope Domain Investments

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    Reduce size of portfolio dramatically and focus more on higher quality names. Something most domainers struggler with, but after years on this forum I'm finally catching on. Happy new year everyone!
  5. Sutruk

    Sutruk Established Member

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    Me too... at least I will try to focus on selling a bit more :)
  6. Bob Hawkes

    Bob Hawkes Top Member NameTalent VIP Gold Account Trusted Blogger

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    The past has shown that I am bad at keeping New Year's Resolutions :xf.frown:, but here are some of my plans for 2020:
    • I want to reduce the size of my portfolio - I am at about 550 and would rather be at about 250
    • I plan to develop several of my domains, and hope to monetize for modest amounts
    • I want to reduce the number of domain niches that I work in (I have almost 45 now :xf.eek:)
    • I plan additional emphasis around domain name phrases
    • I have never really given parking a real try, and plan to in 2020
    • Each year my goal is to sell more than in the preceding year (in dollar volume, not necessarily numbers). So far I have achieved that.
    • Like some others have said, I plan to invest less time in acquisition related activities. I am toying with idea of acquisition holidays - like a month I don't even consider any acquisitions.
    • I want to have every single name properly presented.
    • I want to do more reading in several topics, including branding, naming, and social media marketing.
    • I am finally going to get active again on LinkedIn, and will finally sign up for Telegram as another way to interact.
    Best wishes to everyone for 2020!

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  7. Ariff BD

    Ariff BD Established Member

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    I want to -
    park this year
    Sell domain in higher price
    registering new term for better sale
    develop some website
  8. .X.

    .X. In God I Trust VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    Not to much actually, i will probably just watch the domain market volatility and adjust as needed, i will most likely invest more in 2020 than i did in 2019 , I got lazy last year
  9. NickB

    NickB VIP

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    What are your plans for the GEO?

    I own a European country in org and currently trying to decide what is the best development path.....

    Regarding thread topic....

    Really would like to develop 5 names and monetize them (time dependent. as always!)

    Cutting back on new name acquisitions

    If I do buy any names, will likely focus on .org

    Actively looking at part time work as Domain Broker for a company (suits my skills sets down to the ground) Would really like to start speaking to corporate marketing directors & VP' about the benefits of owning quality domains and do some networking with them!

    Spend Less | Earn More is my 2020 motto (y)
  10. wurdd

    wurdd Restricted (15-30%)

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    More development! I've been way too distracted.
  11. J Sokol

    J Sokol Top Contributor VIP

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    I have three goals for the year:

    1) Get my first four-figure sale
    2) Achieve profitability
    3) Follow Nick B's advice:
    Thanks for the thread, Definitely Domains. It always helps to specify and articulate one's goals.
  12. stub

    stub PRO VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    My main resolution for 2020 is the same as my main resolution for 2019. Which is to price almost all of my domain sales. I only have about 1% priced today. Which is much more than my attempt to do the same in 2018 :( Maybe this year it might actually take off.

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