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available 18 x Domains I sold last year that have dropped and available



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I was reviewing some of the domain names that I sold sold last year and I saw a few of them had dropped, so I ran a quick sample of 60 domain names that I had sold and I could see that 18 of these domain names had expired and were available to register.

These domains were all sold to other domain name investors through the ClubHouse Domain Auctions that were very popular last year but appear to have slowed down significantly towards the end of 2021 and are virtually non existent in 2022.

I am considering reregistering some of these domains but I thought I would share these with my readers first to see if anyone had any interest in them, of course some might say they don't have a huge value and I would agree these are domains that are not going to bring big sales but could flipped for a reasonable return as they are available for hand registration or if you are confident in building out for SEO as the Search Volumes are strong on some of these terms hence the reasons why I registered and sold these in the first instance.

Just think a domain name like should be able to be flipped to one of the New York Tour Operators and I could talk about nearly all of the of these domains below but I'll let you do your own research on them and if you like them, you can get them for only $5 bucks using the links to register.

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