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    1. Sufyan
      Hi Reece, what's up?
    2. crazydomaindeals
      Please take a look at this thread
      ----- 8 .com Domain Names For Auction - No Reserve $1

      I bid $1 for the lot, she/he left me negative feedback, I always pay for each auction. My post clearly stated $1 for the LOT not individually. Can this negative be removed as this hurts my reputation here on NP. Her thread was not clear ... the way it sounds is though youe bidding on the lot ... njot individually

    3. DoughMainz
      Hello Reese,

      I wanted to do a creative auction. I have 61 names and would like to start an auction where the high bidder gets to pick 10 names of the 61 listed then start the next auction with 51 names with the same offer, 10 picks to the high bidder, etc..

      Is this allowed?

      Thanks for your time,

    4. Tribulatio
      FYI, a new member (only a few posts), MEMORIES89, entered a bid for teamquote [.] net on the following thread:
      He was the only bidder, so he won, on July 30, but despite 3 PMs, he didn't send his payment and his Namecheap username for the push.
      He had however access to his messages: when I sent him the second PM, he replied with the following, quite puzzling sentence: "are you there?" - whatever that means. I replied that he should just send his payment and username, but did not hear from him another time.
      Nothing serious, since it was such a low bid - but as a matter of principle, I feel that people who do not honor their bidding without any explanation should be reported.
    5. crazydomaindeals
      Please delete these domains for sale from my post Super .info Liquidation Sale Now In Progress! Under Domains For Sale Auction


    6. infosec3
      Hello, REECE:

      I recently posted some domains for auction. One of the bidders, Moustafa, was the highest bidder on some of them. However, he is refusing to honor the bidding. If he does not want the domain, that is fine with me, but I want to let you know to avoid future claims. I tried to finish the transaction, but he is unwilling to do so.

      I contacted him immediately after the end of the auction and two days later. Since my second PM is not answered, I contact him a fourth time stating that if he does not respond I would let the moderators know that he is not interested in the domains.

      He responds in a very angry tone saying that he hates my domains and would not buy them. I am not sure if you have access to see the PMs I exchaged with him.

      Here are the domains he won. $6 $8 $6

      ColoradoHomeLoans.NET $1
      CompanyPensions.NET $1
      LawsuitHelp.NET $1
      LocalPhoneNumbers.NET $1
      StudyPsychology.NET $1

    7. needdn
      Good morning Reece,
      I have put a posting on external auction yesterday (july 3rd) and I don't see it, I just want to find out if there is anything wrong!

      Thanks for your answer, have a nice day.

    8. infosec3
      Please, change my recent post to External Auctions. I mistakenly posted CamerasElectronics on Auctions. Thanks
    9. Anthony Sun
      Anthony Sun
      Hi Reece, could you settle this for me?

      The thread is the "** **".

      The $2 bidder said that the $3 bid is invaild and the $4 is too late. The $4 bid is about 15 minutes late (but the bidder probably bidded before the time in his or her time zone). In addition, the $3 bidder did send me the following PM after I pointed out the the increment is $2:
      Sorry i missed that info. consider mine as 4$ bid, if i win i will pay 4$. thx.

      I need you to make the judgement for me to avoid conflict and unhappy bidder. Please tell us who won and why. Thanks.

    10. DnEbook
      Hi reece , could you explain to kasper you cant just decline a bid here at namepros when participating in a auction ( i hate that stuff

      thanks rod
    11. glaxxon
      Hey can you delete this post as the auction is over.
      Hey i also wanted to reduce prices on this thread, and its not allowing me to do so. Please help.
    12. ninjadomain
    13. ninjadomain
      Could you delete this post ? It has ended. Thanks!
    14. DomainsHouse
      Hi Reece

      Sorry to interrupt you once more but now i have a problem with this auction at
      Mr Ross closed the auction and PM t last March 11, asking me the money ($25), i sent the money immediately by PayPal and now he/she donm´t even reply to my messages (three) and two postings on the subject. I need he/she push the domain to my Godaddy account as i already gave him the Godaddy details and never got any response nor even a thanks for my quick payment.

      Please can you do something to tell MrRoss to PM fastly as he/she can and push the domain to my Godaddy account?

      Thanks for the help.
      With my best regards
      Carlos Martins
    16. infosec3
      Hello, REECE:

      I recently auctioned the domain The highest bidder was member Code_Geass. I immediately contacted him with the Paypal information and asking him for his Godaddy info. Since then I have sent him several messages. He responded, but instead of making payment, he has been entertaining me with silly comments and questions, such as: "I was too busy with school", asking me to send him my Paypal email (which I had sent already), or asking me what is the name of the domain he won. My last email to him indicated that if he did not make payment (yesterday), I would consider the auction invalid. I am letting you know to avoid future claims. He has not responded. Please, tell me how to proceed and excuse the long message. Thanks
    17. ownthisdomainnow
      I renewed the domains before expiry and contacted the buyer about transfer. I have also offered to send him the domains free of charge. This 'Visitor Message' section was not the best place to post this issue. But I realize DH is fairly new to this.
    18. DomainsHouse
      Hi Reece

      Just a quick note about this auction from ownthisdomainnow (senior member): " and". The auction already ended and the seller do not contact me the winner nor PM, no response. In the meanwhile the domains are expiring but after all i want it even if i have to pay the renewals. However the worst is the lack of response from the seller. Maybe something wrong happened with him/her but if this delays the domains risk of expiring on Godaddy. Please do something to avoid any more delays.

      Thanks and best rgds
      Carlos Martins, name domains, domain names, idn domains, domains auctions, sell buy domains
    19. RareIQ
    20. theo
    21. mis_chiff
      :santa: Happy holidays Reece to you and your family :hearts:
    22. Michelle
      :hearts: Merry Christmas my friend and Happy New Year
    23. Michelle
      Just sending you a Huggerooooooooooo :)
    24. imismo
    25. merchantamerica
      Reece,i ask you for moderator action on my unpaid auction.the trader name and bid is here:merchantamerica is online now

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