1. aboutdn
      Dear. Name Affect

      Thank you for your quick answer.

      I have several domain related to podcast.
      You advise me and it is very trustful to me.
      Actually, I hope to set up language learning company for podcast.
      because someone wants to learn second language, they need to repeat on and on.

      then, I have KSLpod.com, JSLpod.com, RSLpod.com, DSLpod.com, GSlpod.com
      KLpod.com, HangulPod.com, Clpod.com etc

      The problem is that I am not professional of System.

      Some companies launched Several Brand but i think that their contents is not good

      Would you give me an advice ???

    2. ARonald
      J73 tried contacting you via PM regarding the domain but it seems either the inbox is full or the message is blocked from your end.
    3. nucleotide
    4. nucleotide
    5. snowberry
      waiting for your response
    6. snowberry
      i have requested your email address for delivery of ordered articles.
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